The Truth About Settlements, Verdicts, And Insurance Companies 


An insurance company will almost always offer a settlement when liability and negligence can be proved. However, often these settlements are not in reality sufficient to cover the extent of damage and the required care. More often it takes a firm known for its trial acumen and tough personal injury attorneys to force an insurer to pay what is fair and just. 


At Royce Smith LLC, some of our results include: 


For brain damaged child in mold contamination suit;



For leg and ankle injuries in an elevator accident case;



For an amputated leg in a bus accident case;



For wrongful death of a woman who died in a trucking accident;



For rape and assault on apartment complex grounds;


For brain damaged individual who fell over a railing that was below building code;



For wrongful death in a medical malpractice case;



For wrongful death in a failure to monitor a patient receiving opiates;



For wrongful death of a young lady who was crushed by an amusement park ride;



For failure to diagnose stroke in a medical malpractice case;



For injuries suffered during a work-related automobile accident;



For wrongful death and failure to diagnose cancer in a grandmother of eight



For a lacerated leg in an escalator accident case.



Real estate resolution on behalf of local church

Do Not Take Any Settlement Offered Without Speaking To A Lawyer 


You may be drained and exhausted and insurance companies often prey on this. If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury do not take the first settlement an insurance company offers. The initial settlement offer may seem like a lot of money but the reality is a careful assessment of the true damages suffered often garner a much higher settlement or if the case goes to trial a much higher compensation in the verdict. If an insurance company has refused to pay, it is still in your best interest to consult with a proven trial attorney. 


Your Right To Pursue Full Compensation 


If you have suffered a severe or catastrophic injury you have the right to pursue financial compensation. Damages that can be pursued include: 


  • Lost current and future wages  

  • Physical pain and suffering  

  • Permanent disability  

  • Current and future medical bills  

  • Extended rehabilitation services