Wills & Estates

During the stressful and hectic period following the death of a loved one, it is often frustrating for families to deal with the legal issues involved in settling the descendant's affairs.  


If there is no valid Will, the person who died was "intestate" and the Probate rules direct the court to appoint an Administrator to handle the estate. 


In either situation, there are a number of responsibilities, including: 


  • Identification and notification of all potential heirs and creditors 

  • Publication of legally required notices 

  • Management of assets and real estate 

  • Arranging for the transfer of assets to heirs and creditors 

  • Filing gift, inheritance, and income taxes for the estate 

No matter how simple or complex your estate is, planning for property distribution is just one part of the process. We can help with all estate-related matters, including:



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